Handlebar Tape


Handlebar tape made of 1st quality cowhide (Nappa).

Colour: Black.
Handlebar tape weight: 55 gr.
Total weight with packaging: 95 gr.


Se vende en pack para instalar en un manillar.

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The weight is 55 grams, always in approximate weight, since it is animal skin and can vary in its structure and with a width of 3 cm. Beveled on the edges, to reduce contact when rolled over the handlebar.

It can be placed directly on the handlebar, or on the tape that comes from the origin of the bicycle, to obtain more thickness on said handlebar.

It has a length of 220 cm. And a thickness of the skin of 1.4 mm.

It is supplied with a prepared end (oblique cut of the skin and double-sided adhesive) to be installed, from the stem part, towards the climber.

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Weight 95 kg


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