Fludexen Degreaser 500 ml


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Neutral pH degreaser with surfactant properties, and low volatile content. It is practically odorless and it emulsifies with water instantaneously.



Intended for dissolving all kinds of waxes, greases and non-acqueous oils.

Unlike other highly hazardous and volatile thinners, such as Toluene and Xylene, Fludexen has low volatile content and it is free from aromatic compounds.
Moreover, it has excellent self-emulsifying characteristics.

It can be applied in all kinds of surfaces (alloys, plastics, carbon…) without altering its properties.

After the application, the product should leave to stand for a few minutes. Then, spray with water.

To remove very stubborn wax or grease, we advise gentle scrubbing with a brush.

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Additional information

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