Anti-puncture strip Urban Motorbike


Anti-puncture strip of natural leather, for Enduro Motorcycles, with a 21″ wheel size.

Anti-puncture band weight: 290/300 gr.
Total weight with packaging: 350 gr.

Sold in a box containing 1 unit.

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Natural leather anti-puncture band, for Mopeds and Urban Motorcycles, with a wheel size of up to 20". Made with top quality cowhide, in blue, our corporate color. The weight is 290/300 grams, always in approximate weight, since it is natural leather and its structure can vary, with a width of 100 mm and a thickness of the leather of 2.0 mm.

It must be placed between the cover and the camera, if possible with the logo side towards the inside of the cover, since the fiber has a little more resistance on that side. Being tanned with TITANIUM, it can be wet and reused in several changes of cover, without expiration. Inflate to the pressure recommended by the tire manufacturer.

We supply both ends without joining for easy placement, overlapping both ends when being placed inside the cover. Do not glue the ends of the band together, as it is not necessary.

The manufacturing process of this skin is specific to achieve the best values of resistance to perforation and the lowest weight.

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Weight 350 kg


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